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White Point

White Point was once a busy little place. By 1922 it was home to a lobster factory, church, school and a sawmill, not to mention many homes. Now all that remains to mark what was once a booming French fishing village are a few stone foundations and a cemetery, with a cross marking the final resting place of the unknown sailor.

From White Point you can look across Aspy Bay to Cape North and Money point. Or let your eye follow the coast to the white sand of Dingwall and Cabot Landing. And far on the horizon you can just make out St. Paul Island. The trails on White Point can lead you aimlessly around the point but I have found that the best way to follow them is to take the most prominent of the trails down to the point itself. From there if you turn around toward where you came from, and look toward your left you will see a small trail leading to a hill marked with a pile of stones at the top. Rounding the base of this hill on the ocean side you will pick up the trail and notice that it is mark the rest of the way along the coast with red paint splashed on the rocks.

This trail takes you to Big Burnt Head Cove. Perched upon a cliff, this is a great place to sit and relax, have a picnic and count ants. You will notice that there are many of them around. The day we were there we saw a Bald Eagle circling overhead, and seagulls flying 15 metres below us, at the waters level.

CAUTION: The trail skirts some rather high cliffs. You should always be weary of your footing and do not go too close to the edge. Some of the edges look solid but are supported underneath by nothing.
MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
While traveling the Cabot Trail turn at the English town ferry, (located at the base of Kelly’s mountain) continue toward Ingonish. Continue through the Highlands National Park and turn right toward Neil’s Harbour (about 5 km past the park entrance). Drive another 13 km toward Cape North and turn off when you see the White Point sign on your right. Follow this road for about 14 km to the village of White Point. Continue onto the dirt road when the pavement ends and park your car in the wider area.
Photos by: deanspic

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