Highlands National Park
4km Partial Loop
Coast, Woodland

Middle Head

This trail starts at the Keltic Lodge, Cape Breton’s most famous inn. Located in the Highland National Park, the trail is well kept and fairly easy hiking.

The hike follows a peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. The most glorious sights on this trail are to be seen at the end, when the path deposits you atop a cliff, with the Atlantic waters crashing below. From here you can look to the right over South Bay and see the end of Cape Smokey trail.

If you explore the area around the end of the peninsula you will find scenery reminiscent of the Scottish highlands (or at least how I would imagine it to look). I could explore this peninsula for hours and still find new beauty.

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
While traveling the Cabot Trail, turn at the English town ferry (located at the base of Kelly¹s mountain), continue toward Ingonish. A few kilometres past the entrance of the Highland National Park is the Keltic Lodge. The trail is located next to the lodge’s parking. (The hike is located in the Highlands National Park, so you may want to pick up a map of hiking trails as you enter the Park)
Photos by: MS2171

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