Loan ShielingLone Shieling
Highlands National Park
0.6km Loop
History, Woodland

Loan Shieling

The Scottish Crofters were a hardy bunch. While moving their flocks to or from the highlands they would often seek refuge in stone huts much like the replica one found on the Lone Shieling trail.

This short loop is a welcome break while traveling the Cabot Trail. Great for young children, it offers a step back in history and plenty of plaques to guild a learning experience along streams and through a forest populated heavily by 350 year old sugar maple.

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
While traveling the Cabot trail, you will pass through a small town called Cape North. The Lone Shieling is located about 25 minutes past the town. (The hike is located in the Highlands National Park, so you may want to pick up a map of hiking trails as you enter the Park)
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