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    Trail Info
    What are Cape Breton's regions?
    Cape Breton is broken into four counties and the National Park. They are Cape Breton County, Victoria County, Inverness County, Richmond County, and Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

    How does Moosebait rate difficulty?
    Moosebait.com uses a very understandable rating system which we first saw adapted by the Hike the Highlands Festival here in Cape Breton. It uses numbers and letters to represent the two barriers which normally pose difficulty for people, Incline and  Terrain.

    Incline Number:
    Rating 1: Very little hill or stair climbing.
    Rating 2: Some moderate hill or stair climbing.
    Rating 3: Some significant hill or stair climbing.
    Rating 4: A good deal of significant hill or stair climbing.
    Rating 5: Many steep hills or high altitude trails.

    Terrain Rating:
    Rating A: Almost entirely on pavement; probably suitable for baby strollers.
    Rating B: A significant part of the hike takes place on well-groomed trails, with very little difficult terrain.
    Rating C: A significant part of the hike takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky or rooted paths).
    Rating D: A significant part of the trail takes place on very difficult terrain.
    Rating E: The majority of the hike takes place on very difficult terrain.

    How do I send a trailhead to my GPS from Moosebait?
    1. Click trailhead marker, found on the locator map at the bottom of your chosen tail.
    2. Click “Directions to” in the direction bubble.
    3. Enter your star location or click “My location” and click “Get Directions” to display detailed directions.
    4. Click “Print”, next to the “Get Directions” button, to be taken to the Google Maps page.
    5. Click the “Link” button found at the top of the sidebar (identified by a linked chain icon)
    6. Click “Send” and choose “Car” or “GPS” to select your device.


    “Send to GPS” is provided through a partnership between Google and Select GPS manufacturers and is not supported by Moosebait.com. If you have an issue, please contact them.


    Hiking & Wildlife
    What is your favourite trail?
    That is a tough one… my all time favourite is Meat Cove Mountain.
    Favourite waterfall: North River.
    Favourite child friendly: Uisge Ban Falls.
    And Cape Breton’s must see gem, with 90% chance of seeing a moose: Skyline.
    I have heard about Cape Breton coyotes in the news. Should I be worried?
    I am no experts in this matter. I treat it like anything else, know the risks, know how to prevent as best as possible, and know what to do if the threat presents itself. That being said, I respect animals and know that I am their guest.

    More about Eastern Coyotes>


    Highlands National Park
    Do I need a National Park pass if I am just hiking a trail?
    Short answer, yes. If you are in the park and leaving your vehicle, you need a pass.
    Is there a fee to wilderness camp at Fishing Cove?


    Cape Breton & Cabot Trail
    What direction should I travel around the Cabot Trail?
    The Cabot Trail is a magnificent drive, offering spectacular views, no matter what direction you travel it. That being said, clockwise will put the driver on the inside the entire way making it a little more comfortable if you are nervous driving next to drop-offs (all major drop-offs are guard railed with adequate road shoulders)
    How many days vacation would it take to see everything?
    That’s a tough one to answer. The Cabot trail, which is one of the largest draws in Cape Breton, is a full day drive (you did know it was a driving trail right?).

    If you would like to take in some local music in the evening, do some hiking, and enjoy a day at the beach, you may opt to do it in three day. You can traveling a few hours each day with overnight stops in Baddeck, Cheticamp, and Ingonish; to suggest a few.

    You could alway take an entire week and spend a few days exploring some off-shoots to Mabou, Meatcove, or Industrial Cape Breton. Hell, while you’re at it you might as well just move here.

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