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Gull Cove

The area of Gull Cove is actually an old settlement from the early 1900’s. Deserted now, with nothing more than some stone walls and old stone foundations, Gull Cove is the perfect place to sit and turn back time. Back to a time when towns were small and travel was tough. The trail is actually the cart track that once connected Gull cove to the rest of civilization. The trail is now traveled mostly by ATVs and hikers, and is maintained by the residents of Gabarus.

The first thing you will notice on this trail is the salt swept trees, which line the trail. Twisted and stunted in growth, they will be a familiar sight for the remainder of the hike. After about twenty minutes of fairly relaxed hiking, you will come to Harris beach and a magnificent view of Gabarus Bay. The salt air hits you like a ton of bricks and on a clear day you can look across the water to the historic properties of the Fortress of Louisbourg. Although you can not see the fortress itself, you can catch a glimpse of the water tower, which supplies water to all of Louisbourg. Continuing on, the next landmark you will come to is Lowell Point, don’t let the “Low Point” sign fool you. This sign marks the halfway point.

The trail continues with more of the same until you come upon Gull Cove. Don’t worry you will know when you get there. The rolling hills and old foundations will give it away. Once at the cove you can perch yourself upon the headlands and look down on the ruins below. I know it is easy to get lost in time but keep an eye on your watch; you still have to make your way back.

If you are the adventurous type you can follow the coast for the next 25 km, all the way to Fourchu Bay, extending the hike to several days. I only advise this to the most experienced of outdoorsmen. The coast can get rather rough if the weather changes, as it is known to do on this stretch of coast.

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
From the Sydney Bypass (route 125) take exit 7 toward Marion Bridge, drive about 14 km. Continue for about another kilometre after the bridge, keeping to your left at the Gabarus turnoff (Watch for the sign). Drive for another 20 km to an intersection. Turn left toward Gabarus. Continue through the village until the pavement ends at the Breakwaters. Turn right and continue to the end, the parking lot is beside the cemetery, the trail is locates to the right of the cemetery.

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