See it all with Triplets.


Cape Breton is an island rich in culture and scenery yet small in size. From tip to tip it is only 230km, allowing you to take in many sights in just one day. If planned properly, you can take in the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean in the morning, dense old growth forests in the afternoon, and the roaring cool waters of a mountain waterfall in the evening.

Triplets are designed to do the planning for you. These “trios of trails” are created to lead you through some of Cape Breton’s greatest regions and best kept secrets. Hike them in one day if you are eager or over a weekend.

CBRM Networks (3B difficulty  |  9km-20km hiking total  |  24km driving total)
Sydney area has a selection of great trail networks. Many are used by the local schools, organizations, and communities to explore and learn. This triplet takes you from the heart of sydney to far above it on a journey which can be as long or as brief as you wish

Meat Cove Scramble (5D difficulty  |  9.5km hiking total  |  0km driving total)
Meat Cove is quite a mysterious community; the most Northerly in Cape Breton. In Meat Cove you will find small cabins, a cliff side campground, which no other rivals, and a visitor welcome centre (cafe), which is community run and uses all its profits to give the local children Christmas gifts, bikes, and events to keep them busy. Did I mention hiking trails? Yes trails. Meat Cove has enough trails to keep you busy for days, all of which seem to lead you up various mountainsides to magnificent views of the community below.

Water World (4/5 difficulty  |  14.5km hiking total  |  89km driving total)
Cape Breton is not only surrounded by water but also has an inland sea known as the Bras d’Or lakes. This triplet takes you from a coastal cave overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to a fresh water falls, deep in the back woods of Baddeck and then to a mountain top overlooking the Bras d’Or lakes.

Wolfe’s Approach (4/5 difficulty  |  6.5km hiking total  |  14.6km driving total)
In the mid 1700s, the English general, James Wolfe, set out to capture the Fortress of Louisbourg in the name of the English. This triplet is designed to give you an understanding of the ordeals and terrain the English had to overcome to be successful in taking the Fortress during these attacks.