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Coxheath Hills Wilderness Trail

Known to many as Coxheath Mountain, this 10km network of trails sits close to the hearts of may Cape Breton residents. Originally created to save the surrounding area from a proposed quarry, this trail system has blossomed into a well establish year-round community trail used for numerous events by visitors from all over the world. The Coxheath Hills Wilderness Trail is most know to for it’s annual October Celtic Colours Hike and Ceiligh, but welcomes visitors for such events as mountain top readings, writing workshops, weekend cadet training sessions, and the occasional overnight guest wishing to spend the night at Pittman Lodge, nestled within the mixed forest atop Coxheath Hills.

The main trail can be a little challenging during the early climb but quickly levels out and presents a beautiful panoramic view of Sydney area, Cape Smokey, and East Bay Hills. The trail offers a glimpse of a babling brook and waterfall, a refreshing trek through a mixed wood forest of white ash, hemlock, striped maple and beech, and the opportunity to rest your feet in the comfort of their hill-top cottage (available for overnight stays by contacting 562-7125).

Once reaching the Lodge you can continue on to the Northern Loop which will take you further into the Coxheath Hills, giving you several more panoramic views, and depositing you once again back at the cabin. The Northern Loop is well worth the hour it will take you to hike it. It is not too difficult and mostly free of hill climbs if traveled in a counterclockwise direction.

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
From Sydney, take route #4 toward St. Peters. Shortly after the 7 mile Bridge, In Howie Centre, turn right onto Blacketts Lake Rd. Travel to the end of the road and you will see Knox Hall directly in front of you. The trail head starts at the far end of the parking lot.
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