Get inspired, on a Writing Workshop Adventure.


In 2012, moosebait hosted its first Writing Workshop Adventure. This full day workshop, going by the name “Cabin Fever”, was hosted atop Coxheath Hills, just moments away from Sydney, NS but a lifetime away from all distractions.

The participants hiked the one hour Coxheath Wilderness Trail to Pitman Lodge. This rustic off-grid cabin would be home base for the next eight hours which would be crammed packed with writing, reading, exploring, and eating. The main focus for the day… overcoming the two major obstacles a writer has, distraction and inspiration.

Since then, we have hosted the “Castaway Writing Workshop Adventure” on Ingonish Island, “Join the Ranks” at historic Fort Petrie, “Salt Swept”in the quaint fishing village of Gabarus, and the “Encampment Writing Workshop Adventure”. This overnight writing workshop dropped participants inside the walls of the Fortress Louisbourg for a night of writing, ghost stories, and fire-side readings.


Salt Swept
Join the Ranks

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Cabin Fever

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