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Hiking Ban Lifted

After a good weekend of heavy rain, the forest travel restrictions on Cape Breton have been lifted. Unfortunately, restrictions on mainland Nova Scotia still remain. As a Cape Breton promoter of hiking I can honestly say, come on up and give out trails a try. You can find directions, photos, descriptions, and information of more than 35 trails from all regions of the Island. If you are unfamiliar with Cape Breton and would feel more comfortable with a guided hike. We offer weekend ... Read more

Cape Breton’s Secret Summer Bucketlist

Cape Breton's Secret Summer Bucketlist I am billing this "Cape Breton's Secret Summer Bucketlist" and it is filled with some of Cape Breton's greatest, oddest, tastiest, funnest things everyone should do but probably have not because they didn't know about them. Explore, enjoy, and let me know how things went or what you enjoyed most. Check back often. I am always adding great secrets. * I am, in no way, responsible for any laws broken or misfortunes which may happen during your bucketlist adventures. ** Please be careful, ... Read more

Cape Clear or Bust

There are very few places in Cape Breton, which intrigue me, that I have not visited. Cape Clear was one of them. BUT NOT ANYMORE. Cape Clear is a large outcrop of white stone, deep in the Western Highlands of Cape Breton, overlooking the Margaree. It is well known to locals, difficult to find, but only a 5 minute walk from your car, once you arrive. So, now that you know about it, let me get you there... To get there, you must travel ... Read more

Salt Swept Writing Workshop Adventure

Have you ever wanted a day on the coast dedicated to writing? Are you looking for motivation, trying to find your muse, and up for a good adventure? Why not join us for another Writing Workshop Adventure. In our fifth installment of outdoor writing workshops, we are headed for Gabarus. Located along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, this small fishing village is wrapped in a landscape and tradition much like that which has inspired some of the Maritime's greatest stories.  (more…) Read more

Osprey Viper 7 Review

Earlier this summer I bought a Viper 7 Osprey daypack with hydration system at Escape Outdoors in North Sydney. It has traveled 50km to date and is a lifesaver when hiking 20km in 30° weather. (more…) Read more

Join the Ranks Writing Workshop

Are you a writer looking for motivation, trying to find your muse, and up for a good adventure? Then why not join us for another Writing Workshop Adventure. In our fourth instalment of outdoor writing workshops (Join the Ranks) we are going to the historic WW2 harbour sentinel of Fort Petrie. Located along the shores of New Victoria, Cape Breton, the Fort Petrie setting will definitely be a source of inspiration. (more…) Read more

Finally Made It

I have to admin it, I have been hiking Cape Breton for 15 years and, before October 6th of this year, had never hiked the Mabou Highlands. Well there was that once I tried, hit a snow storm and ended up wondering around a farmers field looking for shelter... But I don't count that. Well this year, I can count the Mabou Highlands off my Cape Breton hiking bucket list. I left Sydney early on what would be a wonderful adventure with ... Read more

Have You Seen this Plant?

Indian pipe (Monotropa uniflora L.) are unbranched herbaceous plants that parasitize the roots of other plants or obtain their nutrients (especially carbon to make carbohydrates) from decaying organic matter. They also depend on soil fungi (mycorrhizae) for nutrition. (more…) Read more

Cape Breton Highlands National Park: A Park Lover’s Companion

by Clarence Barrett Small and easy to carry in a backpack, this book is ‘a park lover’s companion.’ Legendary outdoors person and park warden Barrett’s narrative starts with different ways to discover the park; on foot, skis, canoe, kayak, bicycle or car. (more…) Read more

Guide to the National Parks of Canada

by National Geographic For anyone exploring the national parks of Canada this book is a must because it gives you just enough feel for any park in Canada to help you decide if you want to go there, if you can actually get there, because some like the Torngat Mountains in Newfoundland and Labrador are near impossible to visit for the average traveller, and what you can do when you arrive. The book actually serves both as vacation planner and guide book. (more…) Read more
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