Highlands National Park
9.2km Loop
Coast, Mountain, Woodland


Skyline is one of the “must do” hikes on Cape Breton Island. You have the forest, the ocean, and the wildlife… boy do you have the wildlife. I once saw 8 moose while hiking the 2 hour trail.

The trail is a fairly level loop leading you through dense forest. Approximately half way around the loop, the trail deposits you on the upper ridge of a headland cliff 400m above the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find an elaborate network of viewing decks, boardwalks, and benches. At this point you can see the Cabot Trail, meet some fellow hikers, or view the occasional pod of whales below.

NOTE: Dogs are not permitted here as they disturb wildlife, especially moose and bear.

CAUTION: Moose can be very dangerous. Keep your distance and do not torment them. The headland plants are very fragile and easily damaged by trampling, so stay on the boardwalk. This trail has recently undergone extensive work to protect the environment from the impact of thousands of hikers.
MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
From the Sydney Bypass (route 125) take exit 8 toward Louisbourg. Drive about twenty minutes until you come to the town of Louisbourg. Travel through the town and past the Fortess of Louisbourg following the signs toward Kennington Cove. Several minutes after you pass Gate 2 (the rear entrance to the Fortress) you will pass an old rangers station and pass a small pond to your right; The trail head it just past this on your left.
Photos by: Kristen Lou

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