Richmond County
6.5km Return
Lake, Mountain, Woodland

Pringle Mountain

Pringle Mountain is named after James Pringle who settled the Points West Bay area in 1851, as is Pringle Harbour, Pringle Brook, Pringle Island, and Pringle Lake. In the early 1900’s this area prospered in the areas of agriculture, forestry, and livestock. The area was home to a carding mill, a sawmill and, as you will find at the base of Pringle Mountain, a grist mill (which once ground things such as grain).

This trail leads up hill immediately, but don’t discourage, the trail levels out after the first 2km. You will find a fork in the trail at the base of the mountain. The right trail visits the remains of an old gristmill, located on the banks of Pringle Brook. Following the left fork will take you up the mountain itself.

The main trail is fairly easy to follow, but if you intend to visit Pringle Lake it may take a little work. To get to the lake you take a left just before a little bridge, located just after a clearing. Take the first offshoot trail you find to the right. Following this trail will lead you to a still water, which is connected to Pringle Lake by a small creek (the lake can be reached by skirting the still water).

The Lake is a lot larger than I expected. The area is used a lot by fishermen, but is also a great place to go for a swim. Along the edge of the lake you will find plenty of evidence of beavers (notice all the chewed branches and twigs). If you keep your eyes open you may be lucky enough to see one.

Back at the bridge, if you cross and take a right, the trail will quickly end in a clearing used by many as a base station when fishing. Just down the bank is a lovely view of the brook.

The main trail continues, but for the perfect day of hiking you need not look any farther then the lake (Pringle Lake is the highlight of this hike).

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
Take Route 4 to St. Peter’s, turning in the village toward Oban, French Cove, and The points West Bay. Drive for about 25 km and look for a small-unnamed bridge. The bridge is located just a few kilometres past The Points West Bay. The trail is located about 100 metres before the bridge on the left-hand side. If you can not find it ask around, the people here are friendly.
Photos by: Mark Sparrow

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