Cape Breton County
3km Return
Coast, Woodland

Moque Head

At the end of the road, just past the Man-A-Dieu break water, lies a wonderful little coastal trail. The trail leads to Moque Head, quaint little bluff and home to a fog horn which helps guide Man-A-Dieu fishermen safely home.

The trail is fairly clear, with the occasional windfall, and easy to follow. About 1km in, there is a small stream crossing at Halls Pond; which should not be too difficult. On the other side of the crossing, you can pick up the trail toward the ocean. Once crossed, the trail continues on until you reach Moque Head, home to the fog horn and a small grassy clearing.

The trail offers many opportunities for great coastal views and photo opportunities of Scatary Island, which lies 1km off shore.

CAUTION: Watch your footing. Much of the trail skirts cliffs which show signs of coastal erosion; ground near edge may not be stable.
MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
From the Sydney Bypass (route 125) take exit 8 toward Louisbourg. Follow it for aboutu fifteen minutes and turn left onto Main-A-Dieu Road. Follow this road to the end and take a right toward the Main-A-Dieu wharf. Just past the wharf (at the very end of the road) get out of your car, crest the hill, and the trail begins just before the shore.
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