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Island View Falls

Island View (known to the local community as MacIntosh Falls) is located just outside of the village of Eskasoni, one of the several Mi’kmaw reserves located on Cape Breton. The Eskasoni reserve is a wealth of information and culture. There are many stories and legends to be told here and many welcome arms to be seen. As long as you welcome their culture and beliefs they are willing to accept you. Just remember that the Mi’kmaq were here long before you and I, so respect their culture as you would Cape Breton itself.

The trail runs directly up the middle of Island View Brook, and goes on for about a half hour on a day when the brook is low. We did venture up to the falls on a day when the river was high, (just after a heavy rainfall) it took us nearly an hour and a half. We had to travel most of the way on the banks due to the strong currents.

On a day that the water is low, it is a very calming walk. There are many pools along the way to dip into, and the river’s banks loom above you creating a canopy overhead.

Once you get to the falls there are several pools to swim in, (some of which are over my head) the best being near the top. It is also very relaxing to prop yourself under one of the falls and let the pressure beat down on your back.

This is a great place to sit and take it all in, go for a dip, and have a picnic. It is the kind of place you will want to sit and relax for the entire day.

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
Take Route 4 to the Eskasoni turnoff. Turn and drive 14 km until you see the “Island View” sign on your right. Just past the sign you’ll come to a small bridge over a brook. Pull your car off the road into the small clearing, just before the bridge.
Photo by: Charlie Morrison
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  1. Janet October 1, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    Had a great hike to the falls took about 35 minutes each way. Takes much longer and is a more difficult hike trying to keep dry feet. Finally just crossed the creek in shallow areas. Next time I will bring a bag for litter, especially at the parking area and falls.

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