Fox CoveFox Cove
Richmond County
6km Return
Coast, History

Fox Cove

This coast is a delightful place, with every type of environment you could imagine. From sandy beaches, to cobblestone and pebble coastlines, sand cliffs to grassy headlands; Fox Cove has it all.

The trail takes you along the windswept headlands littered with many types of berries (the strawberries were just ripening the day we were there). These headlands follow the beach and tower over it; thirty feet in some areas, all the way to Fox cove just 3 km away.

As you travel along the trail you are overwhelmed by your senses. The sound of the birds and ocean, the smell of the salt air, the taste of wild berries (be sure to bring your field guide to identify them before tasting). The feel of the sand being thrown at your legs by the strong ocean winds and the beauty of the coast which extends for miles in each direction, all of these qualities, put together, play havoc on your ability to reason.

The trail is fairly easy walking. There is one small river crossing at Lower Marie Joseph Lake (the 2km mark); kick off your shoes and enjoy the cool waters.

The Pioneer Cemetery

A short distance before the beach is a road to your left, which leads to a pioneer cemetery. Headstones dating back to the 1700′s, paying homage to such family names as MacDonald or McLeod, which are still very prominent on the island today. You could spend hours here, just wondering what happened to these people, how did they die?

MapFrom the Locals
From the Locals
From the Sydney Bypass (route 125) take exit 7 toward Marion Bridge, driving about 14 km to cross the bridge. Continue for about another kilometre, keeping to your left at the Gabarus turnoff (Watch for the sign). Drive for another 20 km to an intersection, take your right towards Framboise and drive until you come to the, now closed, General store (About a kilometre past the second one lane bridge). Turn left after the store, onto the Crooked Lake Road. Drive to the end of the road and you are there.
Photos by: Mark Sparrow

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