Adventure lies Beyond the Trails.


I realize hiking is not for everyone and some need more encouragement than others.

If you are the type that feels great scenery, the sweet smells of nature, and the possibility of seeing animals in their natural setting is not enough, I offer you these options to sweeten the deal.

Cape Breton’s Secret Summer Bucketlist

I’m always up for a good adventure and if I hear about something that sounds a little out of the ordinary, I gotta check it out. I thought I would try to get them all in one place for visitors and locals alike. I am billing it as “Cape Breton’s Secret Summer Bucketlist” and it is filled with some of Cape Breton’s greatest, oddest, tastiest, funnest things everyone should do but probably have not because they didn’t know about them.

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There are many great adventures around the island which are not exactly hiking trails but take you to some interesting and wonderous places. These adventures are usually family friendly and make for a great outing on a weekend where you have nothing to do.

  • Collecting Mermaid’s Tears at Indian Beach
  • Gooseberry Cove
  • Island View Falls
  • Paddle to Mira’s Pirate Shipyard
  • Sand Dollar Hunting on Pt Michaud
Moose Challenges

At Moosebait, we often hear of many great mysteries or stories which are based in truth but we have not had the opportunity to verify ourselves. From time to time we will be issuing Challenges to our site visitors to head out and get to the bottom of these mysteries.

  • Kidd’s Stone



A real-world treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers called geocaches, using a GPS and then log them online. Moosebait lists many caches, all of which are closely located near one of our listed trails. We are not responsible for caches which are damaged or no longer in their stated location. If you would like to explore further caches you may visit