Meet the Moose who make it all possible.


Moosebait is not a one man show. The site may be overseen and maintained by Steven Rolls but it is more than just a site. Moosebait is a network of knowledge, a catalyst for outdoor exploration, and most of all… a way of life. Everyone involved loves Cape Breton and believes in sharing it with anyone who wants to explore the island.

Besides those who have joined the herd and signed up to become a Moose, we have a few select people who have been catalysts for our knowledge base, ground-level helpers at events, and keep Moosebait growing month after month.


Steven Rolls

Steven Rolls has been exploring Cape Breton since he was a small boy thirty-odd years ago.

I can remember my family and I roaming the trails of the Highland National Park, and leaping from rock to rock around the shores of Cheticamp Island. I have grown up with the beauty of Cape Breton and love sharing it with people.

Steven has recently launched the site to accomplish this very task.

Paul MacDougall
Bull Moose

Paul MacDougall is an instructor in Health Studies at Cape Breton University and a local area writer. He has been interested in hiking for many decades now and has never tired of exploring the fascinating trials throughout Cape Breton, especially those in northern Cape Breton.

I enjoy getting out for the exercise, for the views from mountain tops and coastal regions, and to spot various plant and animal life.

Hiking challenges have often interested him and he has recently completed both the 2010, 2011, & 2013 Three Peaks Challenges sponsored by the Hike the Highlands Association and the CBHNP 75 kilometer challenge for 2011. Paul’s other main summer activities are biking and lazing at the beach.

Peter & Gudrun Wuttge
Trail Blazer

Peter & Gudrun Wuttge, active speleologists for more than 10 years in Eastern Europe, spent the 90s crossing most of Western Europe, the US-Rockies and Nova Scotia by bicycles and tent.

Over the last 10 years, we have lived locally half the time, hiking and photographing the fantastic treasures of Cape Breton’s Nature.