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Dedicated to the Hiking Trails of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.


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Welcome to Moosebait.com, the most extensive Cape Breton hiking site on the internet today.

We have many Cape Breton, Nova Scotia trails logged from all four counties and the Highlands National Park. Most of our trails include descriptions, maps, directions, and photos. At Moosebait.com, we are dedicated to bringing you information about the many hiking trails of Cape Breton.

Check back often, we are adding new trails all the time.

The Moose’s Mouth

Cape Breton’s Secret Summer Bucketlist

I am billing this “Cape Breton’s Secret Summer Bucketlist” and it is filled with some …

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Cape Clear or Bust

There are very few places in Cape Breton, which intrigue me, that I have …

Salt Swept Writing Workshop Adventure

Have you ever wanted a day on the coast dedicated to writing? Are you …


The Moose’s Mouth is the moosebait blog, focussing on Cape Breton, outdoor gear, and just about anything that peaks our interest. If you would like to contribute to the Moose’s Mouth, sign up below and “Join the Herd”.

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